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“Famous Michelin Star chefs reveal their top 5 ways how You can eat Grotek eggs”

The best 5 ways of eating Grotek eggs e.g. Oggs that were deemed perfect by famous Michelin Star chefs worldwide after years of using them.
BRAND-NEW GIFT for Grotek-Customers.

Our Products

Ogg ®

Ogg is Grotek’s first patented egg. It has a different taste than regular eggs. As a result of years of study and modeling the very best of the best doctors, scientists, institutions… an egg was created of unprecedented taste.

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quail Grotegg ®

The biggest part of the quail egg is the yolk which is unproportionately big. For the first time in history we capitalized on this egg’s nature to create the next Grotegg- quail Grotegg. We embellished the yolk by combining its inherent nature with state-of-the-art science. So we redesigned the quail egg.

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duck Grotegg ®

Why is the Duck Grotegg different? It is on average 30% bigger in size. As a result of thus bigger yolk and white it nourishes you better.

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