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Introducing the world's first patented egg - the Ogg - was 'a revolution in the luxury food industry' hailed as the first ideal product. Patented by Adrian Grotek, who is considered ‘a pioneer in the luxury food industry', he founded Grotek Bros. as his vision – it is now 'the world's first and only luxury egg brand'.




''How Adrian Grotek became the no. 1 expert in the world in a brand-new luxury egg industry he created''




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Adrian Grotek prides himself on being the world's no. 1 authority in his own industry. His relentless perfectionism and innovation beyond our time established Adrian's status as a true pioneer.


A pioneer's vision to change the world

At the age of 15 he interned and worked at Poland's only Starwood Luxury Collection hotel. In the next 4 years he studied, worked and interned at some of the world's top restaurants e.g. in Miami, Fort Lauderdale; Portofino; Nicea; Los Angeles; La Jolla.

It was finally at the age of 19 in Los Angeles studying the local farmers’ market in Hollywood that his vision appeared - to change the way we live. Instantaneously he seized the dream.



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The madness of perfection

The next day he was in Europe. He had to know everything about eggs - he read every article, every book, every research paper available. He saw every interview, every video, every film that was available.

After that he consulted all of the highest-paid dietitians, top breakthrough researchers, and every famous doctor - the most ground-breaking and recognized experts in the world.


Finally the dream becomes reality

As a result of his study he founded the company Grotek Bros.

Last year alone Adrian created 5 patents to push the innovation of Grotek Bros. forward.

Adrian established the revolutionary Grotek's 3 Immutable Laws of Success, which are the guiding spirt for everything Grotek Bros. creates and stands for.

A man is a true visionary only once he does not commit to be unsurpassed, but to be unsurpassed neither now nor never.”

Adrian Grotek


Yet a revolution is only the beginning...