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ogg Grotek’s first patented egg

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Ogg is Grotek’s first patented egg. It has a different taste than regular eggs. As a result of years of study and modeling the very best of the best doctors, scientists, institutions… an egg was created of unprecedented taste.

Lightning taste
The name was estabished upon the reaction of a famous chef tasting this Grotegg: To express his enlightenmant he said ”I felt as if I experienced lightning.” Smak przeblysku

These rare Rosa-fowls are fed patented Oat fodder in a unique way. To create an revolutionary egg we had to reinvent every detail. We completely changed the way how fowls are being fed. We created a breakthrough system of feeding and invented thus the revolutionary-Sequential Feeding. So you can experience the perfect taste.

17 vitamins and minerals make up their healthiness. So you nourish your body in a superior way.

Before reaching perfection the Ogg undergone rigorous testings by Famous Chefs, after countless (ca.1997) trials it finally reached top rating by every single one. Therefore it is also called the 1997 Egg.