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egg quail Grotegg

The biggest part of the quail egg is the yolk which is unproportionately big. For the first time in history we capitalized on this egg’s nature to create the next Grotegg- quail Grotegg. We embellished the yolk by combining its inherent nature with state-of-the-art science. So we redesigned the quail egg.

To build upon this unique genetic nature we deviced the Coturnix-Feeding TM. What came to be is new taste and enhanced nourisment, so it delivers to your body:

-essential amino acids
-group B vitamins

You become even more healthy, because

at the same time we reduced the unhealthy effects:

The breakthrough we achieved was reducing the fat content. Thus we enhanced the innate positives and reduced the inherent negatives.

So the quail Grotegg not only nourishes you in a breakthrough way but also gives you vitality, besause of its unique taste like never before.